Ability to integrate into the client company

Tom very quickly understood the challenges facing the bank and engaged with the disparate facilities and building management team located across the UL to understand their challenges. The FM team were responsible for servicing the 2500 business critical properties which too was workplace to 45,000 retail banking employees. The breadth of his operations background enabled the team to identify how the procurement, facilities , maintenance, assetmanagement, risk and compliance, financial reporting functions should work as a whole, and how should their success should be measured. The task was to scope the art of the possible, the scope of outsourcing / in sourcing and what theorganisation and roles should look like moving forwards.

Impact on the business / bottom line

Whilst the appetite for change at board level was yet to established.We would have expected the turnaround strategy with theright interim management support through consolidation to deliver FTE reduction from 600 – 200, with significant serviceand value improvement from vendors. By re-engineering the business process, supply chain, functions, and proposedorganisation structure, the program targeted a reduction in operational effectiveness, service and cost with a focus oncustomer management. The procurement cost savings were due to be scoped in phase 2

Overall contribution / achievement of objectives

Within 6 weeks the new organization was designed to meet regulatory, risk and to leverage emerging best practice vendor capabilities, along with the means of amalgamating andreducing duplication of activity across the business estimated at c40% and creating the framework to support FM at local and group level.

Working style

Our operations experience enabled the rapid building of rapport and engagement with the clientoperations team. This was combined the analytical ability and experience of best practice to “bring something substantialand pragmatic rather than purely analytical to the party”

Leadership / people management skills

We developed rapport and engaged directly with the client management team, respected their challenges and identified their strengths, whilst bringing a wealth of external experience from leading edge and award winning supplychain, procurement and facilities management best practiceAny other comments about the interim manager