Facing sharp drops in revenue… what questions should you be considering?

–         Which functions should your company divest?

–         Which will fail?

–         Which should you save?

–         Which can thrive?

–         Which of your key suppliers will fail, and when?

–         How does your cost base compare with the best in the industry?

–         Which of your suppliers can you lever the greatest savings from?

–         How should you restructure to better serve your customers?

–         Which of your competitors can you take sales from?

What are you waiting for? 

When should you act?

What action should you take?

Do you have the data on which to base the key decisions to resource implement the right changes?


In the current environment you must be able to answer all the above questions and confidently.


Are Traditional Consulting or Interim Management interventions enough?

Businesses that continue doing what they have done, before the credit crunch, will almost certainly fail. The liquidity gap, and plummeting returns, have forced business owners into unfamiliar territory.


Where can you get help to help you navigate this unfamiliar economic terrain?


Not for traditional interim management and consulting companies who continue to offer the same prescription. This is where Icebreaker can help:

“The Icebreaker team offers an unusual combination set of skills. A solution for the current times… An alternative to using receivers which can be a complete disaster for investors” Chairman Mid Market plc
Hard facts and experienced interim action is the Icebreaker proposition

To address exactly this need, the icebreaker proposition is built on fact based decision making, innovation; pragmatic team based analysis and experienced implementation capability. Whilst we address the tough calls, we deliver solutions through your team to make a significant bottom line impact – quickly, without vast external resource. Delivering through your team retains value and leaves a refreshed enduring legacy. We have an experienced insolvency partner, interim resourcing and change management capability to programs as required, to offer clients a complete leading edge turnaround solution.

 “The consulting-plus-implementation angle is a good one; I’m sick of reading consultant reports and thinking: that’s fine, now I just need to hire 15 people to implement it! What I need is action and now” Partner, Venture Capital


Complete commitment to delivery based on hard fact based targets, and shared risk

To support our practical, action orientated solutions, we have a range of success fee based solutions, so (*1) we get paid when results hit the bottom line…

(*1) – Subject to due diligence.



Tom Pickering CEO Icebreaker Executive Interim Management Limited

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