Flexible Resourcing

icebreaker remain committed to achieving the objective agreed but

  • Its critical not to burden a business with an inflexible solution
  • we focus on capability building – investment / max ROI – then EXIT

Resourcing of icebreaker programs is dispassionate. The icebreaker team accept that resourcing will adapt as the scenario unfolds rather than to suit them. A consistent approach and way of working is set out in our code of conduct, and membership agreement. These agreements have been honed to a very refined degree to suit the emerging circumstances over the last 5 years.

Icebreaker provides the customer an “overhead free managed solution” alongside the best financial and operational skills honed in the most challenging global environments. The reward structure is aligned with the customer.


The icebreaker team are “fat cat free” equally adept at engaging with a level of resourcefulness to cope with a £1.8m SME 1-3 days per month and with the gravitas to turn performance in a £150m ->£2bn plc.

VC – “The project has created a real focus and successfully launched the stock reduction project.  Icebreaker’s financial support to check the balance sheet and cash flow enabled a very successful outcome with the bank to secure the extra funding facility to see through Q1