Delivering Results – Transferring Skills and Leaving Legacies

Food for thought:  Most businesses have a change program planned or underway. Of these 39% consider they implement change poorly, yet during these times of change the majority have continued to use only their own staff.

Bespoke support package for VC and PE  Icebreaker continues to win business opportunities whilst growing its activity in the professional services and private equity sectors in both Leeds and Manchester.  Our unique offer is opening doors in fields ranging from Waste Management to High Technology.

‘Waiting For’ vs. ‘Providing Certainty’  Icebreaker continues to bring certainty by qualifying the mutual potential benefit available from our interim management assignments up front through our unique JV with SMT Consulting; a leading provider of in depth primary research services, who’s use of ethical methodologies quantify our deliverables.

Manufacturing & Operations  Icebreaker is continuing to extend its remit into the manufacturing sector, with a focus on Pharma & Engineering.  Client requirements have demonstrated the need for the full range of Icebreaker capability, from business development, operational and technical change management to executive coaching.

Icebreaker selected as preferred partners for emerging Recovery Fund  The Icebreaker/Bridge relationship continues to grow as the recession continues, fulfilling the requirement for re-financing of fundamentally sound but cash strapped businesses.  The unique Icebreaker/Bridge partnership enables companies “to kill three birds with one stone”; resolving management, business model and revenue challenges thus leaving the legacy of an enhanced capability to weather the storm and a return to a position of strength as the new economic model emerges.

A Self liquidating solution to support SME Owner/Manager Businesses  As we target cash returns that vastly outweigh the cost – we have a solution that quickly improves liquidity from a cash strapped start.  As a result we are finding a growing interest from smaller companies whose resources would benefit from support to undertake business reviews and change management programmes.  In order to be more accessible to these types of businesses, show our comittment and to check the fit, we are offering a one day evaluation using our shared risk and reward solution.  For more details or to book a date for a business review contact  or call on 0207 193 5518 to arrange an appointment.

Tom Pickering’

CEO Icebreaker Executive Interim Management Limited