Yesterday someone was fired for sharing their views at a Cern academic conference… today we learn Marie Le Pen being accused of being insane for challenging terrorism. This political correctness contrary the objective, is creating inability to discuss conflicting perspectives. This is creating a tyranny of tolerance which undermines our humanness and creates a very unhealthy society and businesses… For me this is very close to home: last week one of my daughters 15 year old friends committed suicide. We have a responsibility to create an acceptable world for young people to grow up in? Unless we let people speak and say what they think our young in particular have no chance because they wont find themselves. The flawed hashtagmetoo generalisation and the rest of the flawed isms undermines men as a species too. Lets get back to talking it costs nothing and its great! Who has the courage to speak out? highlights why and how to respond to this emerging threat to our humanity. have a great day, Tom