Aligned Relationships

We have found the right investors: aligned and who share the same passion: “to enable companies to be the very best they can: to revive the long term economic success of the UK”.
Over the last 10 years, we have developed some great working relationships which form a personable, business owner, focussed capability. This funding alongside our capability creates the perfect aligned long term solution for shareholders, alongside with what the banks can offer.
End – end alignment with a business owner is vital: particularly when it comes to the funding. Our funds come from a few Family Offices who strongly believe in investing in UK SMEs across all industry sectors, to enable these companies to become the best they can.
Unlike a broker we won’t take commission because this can lead to funding solutions that owners can’t afford or far worse a “funding solution” that runs out of headroom.

Increasing Energy

In addition to this: we have the means to increase business energy to achieve results much faster. All businesses were founded upon a real energy and passion. Over time, this energy can become tarnished: leading to a loss in; creativity; energy; passion; wisdom; performance and long term profit. The 60 minute MBA transforms this business energy. This is the most effective means to transform a business and keep it there. We have successfully applied this expertise many times to create sufficient cash to avoid the need for any additional funding, but when you need funding you must find a partner aligned to the same outcome.
Digitisation is not a universal remedy therefore the experiential aspects of doing business become even more important to maintain profits.

On the Business Owners Side

So we can now provide a complete solution aligned with the interests of hard working, honest business owners who: might be looking to retire; handover the day-day running of their business; and or enable them to resolve complex situations such as succession challenges; shareholder disputes and management buy-outs all the way up to immediate; growth capital as well as secondary requirements.
With the backdrop of falling global growth and increasing interest rates: many great businesses will get caught out; so it’s a good time to ensure the funding; and organisation is robust enough to ride the storm.
Our passion is to augment organisations to equip them with the skills that enable them to become the best they can be, alongside our funders, who are also a small personable team who can make investment decisions quickly.
What sets us apart is our passion for what we do at work, but also our firm belief that it’s ‘how you do things’ which makes the difference to people. What’s unique is that we have a heart accommodate the existing shareholders long term interests.

Our Business Partners

Our business partners are businesses turning over up to £30m looking for £100k – £5m in funds. We take a long term view and we also share a sense of humour & fun. We love to work with passionate companies, to achieve success.
To make it easy and to ensure we have the same level of buy in from the start, we can carry out a confidential onsite review for £750 + expenses. This review will be available 48 hours after the onsite meeting. This will inform the stakeholders of the next steps as well as providing a useful perspective in its own right.
If you know of any businesses that would benefit from funding, alongside the support required to enable its long term success, please email us and let us know

what their big challenge is
when they want to start
and what they would like to achieve by working with us.

All enquiries will be treated in total confidence.