Abit of practical psychology for you and what winningthinking to do… Fabricating the “‘ism”related story to the “whiter than white” comment reflects the politically correct mental illness that is permeating society. This reflects the emerging human inability to cope and discuss tough subjects in a healthy or balanced way /or deal with errors. These generalisations are a very convenient dump but upturns those with integrity and creates a route for those with this madness to take over and corrupt the integrity of those that are doing something useful. This political correctness is a serious threat to the effectiveness and integrity of the police an anyone else trying to do something useful. So what do you do? abit of the winningthinking approach (this is a big issue for businesses that causes business to completely take their eye off the ball..) Recognise this accusation of racism is a baseless story that is not related to what is being said. Specifically “white than white”=”beyond reproach”. So challenge it directly by asking them to specifically rephrase it because its flawed so not worth responding directly to. It follows because the racist generalisation is also flawed it is impossible to rationalise /talk your way out of?