getting to “operations excellence”

Tom is CEO of icebreakerexecutive. Tom heads up the icebreaker team provides program oversight to maximise results. Tom is an award winning executive, mild mannered but with a stoic resolve. Experience; Safran Aerospace, Saudi Telecom, Lloyds, RBS,  Sumitomo, Lucas Automotive plc, Novar Inc, Trend Controls, Birds Eye, Post Office, Getinge Group,  Johnson Services, Kodak & Lexar Inc. Tom is an elected Fellow of Inst. Eng. & Technology





getting to operations excellence from good or crisis; Business Plan Summary

network deployed
  • role / icebreaker team trusted delivery partners
Industry Sector
  • SME Retail
  • B2B technology
  • Global Aviation Group
  • FMCG electronics
Client need
  • Serious B2B contractual risks through poor quality delivery and delay
  • Resolve complacency / inflexibly in the face of major complexity
  • Crisis, insolvency and lack of financial control, planning or management
  • serious customer complaints, and misaligned activity with business requirements
  • Trend Controls (Honeywell), Safran Aerospace, Retail FMCG, Huntleigh Healthcare
Compelling event
  • management crisis of confidence, failure and serious de-motivation
  • investor crisis of confidence
  • road blocked major engineering project and contractual risks and delays
  • unreliable delivery / cash and profit, dysfunctional misaligned teams
Business Benefits achieved and or actions deployed
  • merger,
  • site closure and relocation, step change cost reduction
  • refinancing, cash control,
  • x functional working to maximise results
  • rigorous organisation structure, defined roles with capability assessment
  • motivated, engaged teams with robust KPIS
  • £510,000  (4 project case studies)
  • Cultural change alongside robust stand alone legacy,
  • standalone legacy; management capable to take the business forwards
  • robust measurement and business processes
  • 2 Awards Cranfield DTI 1 concurrent award,
  • robust succession plans, career paths
  • establishing centres of excellence; aerospace engineering academy
  • organisation structure; manageable businesses, measured performance
  • program pull forwards up to 12months, vs. original targets
  • integrated customer – end – end customer teams
  • including engineering design, manufacturing, procurement, customer service and customer support, sales and marketing
Case Studies
  • See details below
customer satisfaction
  • 24 hr problem resolution, 21% customer survey improvement, lead time-1dy
  • fully integrated customer view within operations,
  • x functional improvement processes (*1) delivering 60 implemented changes’ /m), and process and value engineering
profit / cash improvement
  • £50,500,000 (4 case studies) cash pull forwards by up to 12m, vs. original targets
  • Typical reduction in overheads 10%, and 10-25% operating cost reduction, 15% price increases, 25% material cost reduction in good companies
  • 99 (2002 – 2011) 4 case studies