getting to “growth”

Karl Zierold heads up the commercial strategy supporting customers get to growth. Karl is real; innovator: achieving business growth & turnaround management, improved customer experience, enhanced team performance and business agility, management development. Able to problem solve and ably implement business growth, improve cash and margin positions as well as increase sales. Experience; VKRS A/S, Enterprise Ireland, Novar Plc, British American Tobacco Plc & Diageo Plc. Sector experience; Construction, Engineering, Environmental, Consulting, Manufacturing, B2B, & FMCG





 Getting to Growth; Business Plan Summary

network deployed Role / project delivery
Industry Sector
  • SME
  • B2B/ technology
  • FMCG/ electronics
Client need
  • Commercial Contractual Risk
  • Sales complacency/ lack of growth
  • Lack of customer insight/ product management
  • Poor customer service/ high levels of customer complaints
Client where possible
  • Trend Controls (Honeywell), International Building Products Group, International Blue Chip FMCG
Compelling event
  • Management crisis of confidence,
  • Refinancing requirement,
  • Major project risks
  • Lack of product innovation/ losing ground to competitors
  • Unreliable delivery / cash and profit
Business Benefits achieved and or actions deployed
  • Commercial restructuring
  • BPR implementation
  • Cash control,
  • Rigorous organisation structure
  • Motivated engaged teams with robust KPI’S
  • £450,000  (3 project case studies)
  • Improved team performance
  • Cultural change robust stand alone legacy,
  • Improved customer retention
  • Robust measurement and business processes
  • Robust succession plans
  • Organisation structure manageable businesses
  • Robust commercial structures
  • Compound YOY growth
  • Margin growth and cost base reductions (more with less)
Case Studies
  • See details below
customer satisfaction
  • Reduced service costs
  • Integrated customer view and effective NPD processes
profit / cash improvement
  • £47,000,000
  • 104 x