getting to “successful M&A to avoid a crisis”

Paul Siegenthaler heads up the icebreaker M&A capability of icebreakerexecutive. ­­­­­­­Paul has over two decades of experience in successfully planning and leading the integration of businesses involved in acquisitions or mergers, delivering the value of the business case those M&A deals had promised the shareholders, managing the complexities of cross-cultural and cross-border integrations across Western Europe and North America, without being adversely affected by the integration process. Experience; United Distillers Deutschland GmbH, Diageo plc, Diageo North America, Linpac, Selecta, Wincanton plc, Brakes, Northern Foods plc, Portfolio companies owned by AXA Private Equity and Permira.. Paul is lecturer at HEC Business School (Paris) & LSE, Author of “Perfect M&As – The Art of Business Integration”




 getting to successful M&A; Business Plan Summary

network deployed role / icebreaker team trusted delivery partners
Industry Sector
  • Cross Sector
  • FTSE 250 companies
  • Multi-site / Pan-European PE/VC owned companies
Client need
  • Challenge secondary due diligence
  • Plan & prepare business integration (ahead of closing)
  • Deliver business case of M&A  (cost savings, integrated organisation)
  • Post-event integration (companies that have grown historically by M&A)
Client case studies
  • Diageo North America, Linpac, Selecta, Brakes
Compelling event
  • Regulatory requirement for a partial divestment (for M&A approval)
  • Forthcoming closing of an M&A deal or carve-out
  • Identified efficiency gap resulting from lack of integration / harmonisation
Business Benefits achieved and or actions deployed
  • Business integration with no adverse impact on daily business performance
  • Process harmonisation / improvement / adoption of best practice
  • Synergy savings / Speed of execution with minimized disruption to ongoing business
  • Improved organisation design and HR Processes
  • Integration delivered on time and within budget
Investment cost of project
  • £ 100,000 to £ 60 million depending on scope and duration

(4 project case studies)

  • Cultural change robust stand alone legacy,
  • Improved profitability, robust basis for future growth
  • Elimination of “baggage” inherited from past history
  • successfully delivered integration programmes on a variety of scales, from a continental scale with a programme budget exceeding USD 100 million, to local integration or carve-out projects
  • range from an annual EUR 8.3 million improvement in EBITDA in the case of a European merger, to a total USD 193.3 million in the eight years following the completion of a USD 110.8m programme in North America
Client’s Customer satisfaction
  • Paul Siegenthaler’s experience as a practicing manager in the field of international M&A is unrivalled.  His insights and advice are invaluable”.  Professor Christopher Bones, Dean, Henley Business School.
profit / cash improvement
  • To budget
  • To business plan