Getting to the Right Plan

There is a new breed of corporate CEO and VC looking to robustly identify and deliver a cash return in a shorter time frame. Executing a plan swiftly requires a team of experts

Our team provides a holistic solution to achieve results. Like A&E you would expect a team of experts to immediately identify problems and make the interventions; the surgeon, anesthetist and oncologist working closely together through the process to enable the patient to stand once more on their own two legs. The icebreaker team provides this solution on a portfolio basis, drawing on vast experience at hand, or from within our team of experts.

QA and peer review – access to vast depth and breadth and sector experience

Not afraid of taking the tough calls icebreaker recognise that any major change program has substantial development opportunities for the client’s team and identifying those who can make it is our core expertise. All programs are peer reviewed and challenged using our Award Winning experience from the most challenging circumstances.

Focusing on excellence – the basis of a sustainable margin

In the current climate it is essential to be able to run a business from the leanest / most scalable business model possible, and concurrently improve customer service.