Good people are now silent, so I’m sure now need new skills:

1. 06 – what will we do with mobile phones?
2. ’10 – Social media – shut down free speech, shaming, fear of speaking out
3. ’15- Stress – polarised responses
4.  Wokeness – neo-Marxist group think / control –
a.  Victim not taking ownership for self
b.  Flawed undefined labels – racist, homophobic etc – people fired
5.  People knowingly doing wrong
a.  actions bent out of shape
6.  integrity damaged – vulnerable
7. ’16- Big tech manipulation – tech mantras – tech for good, digital disruption
b. Manipulation – echo chambers
8. tech investment Ponzi schemes, loss-making, paying out to old investors with new money
a. valuations based upon cash burnt!
b. Growth and domination mantra
9. Silence – railroaded panic tech implementation FOMO
10. the risk of causing offense
11.’ 19 – Fractious relationships – inability have tough conversations, young programmed in wokeness
a. Surveillance state
12. ’20 – Vulnerability to China – accused of being racist
a.  Chinese quietly buying up UK businesses during pandemic
b.  Can’t investigate the source of Covid in Wuhan!
c.  Series of Chinese killer blows tbc
13. ’21 Good people are silent

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Enjoy Tom