GRIT is a stronger indicator of success than IQ. creates grit: by removing the fear of: taking action; failure as well creating an immediate shortcut to success… “What a 2 days!” these are client’s comments from a winningthinking session we ran with a very high performing exec team… “Thank you for helping us face into some tough areas! ”We Have already started seeing the change & look forward to continuing to drive that in all areas of the business. “ Exec “We really got to the crux of some key issues and I remain very excited for what the future holds!” Exec “A brilliant day facilitated by you, and as a result we were able to crack through the actions which will help us to drive immediate change.” EXEC “Thank you so much for driving this turning point..” COO “These results are awesome & may I add my thanks to you on behalf of the Board.” Chair if you are interested in immediately transforming your teams success give me a call, best Tom