At a time when social media and tech are causing us to lose focus and vision this is what concerns our clients most:

their executives have no idea what drives them!” 

So, what drives their profits and strategies?

Do you know what drives you? … yes…? / no.. ? (PS. I’d love to discuss this with you.)

This CEO was too busy and making no money.

During this 2-hour ROI check meeting we identified with this CEO this was what was driving their strategy and actions:

  • “Product will become commoditised in the future”
  • “We need growth”
  • “Must create standard products for Scalability to simplify the business”
  • “We must have a new platform when x,y,z happens”
  • “We are entering this development contract because we need the golden handshake”
  • “Forget £2.4m development spend to date that’s done”
  • “I’m cautious”

This thinking cost this business 40% of their revenue, far more of their profit and the proposed development contract threatened their entire future.

The financial and commercial actions were simple to resolve this, but closing the gap was not so easy because the CEO was blind to what was driving them and their strategy.

Whilst it’s our comfort zone, SMEs like this are the toughest scenarios to achieve a cash return. Even in this SME, this engagement had a 50X cash return on this 1-day engagement, we make sure of that!

In plcs, the issues are the same, just the ROI is far greater.

After 2 hours with this CEO, they got a sufficient inkling, so developed an appetite to resolve this. So, we agreed to engage.

Does this resonate … yes…? / no.. ? If this doesn’t resonate, brilliant let’s have a 15m call 

…if you don’t see this – that is where the money is.

My very best wishes,

Tom Pickering
Founder and CEO
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PS. Call us to organise a 2 hour ROI review. This will highlight the opportunity and what will resolve these intransigent challenges and it’s far more fun than these emails 🙂

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