A brief summary from the House of Lords APPG AI education steering group last week. What separates us from machines; used to be obvious but now it’s blurred. Education is centred around knowledge acquisition and the ability to pass exams. People success is centred around people-people collaboration as an enabler to enhance intelligence or the ability of people to fix problems There is very little overlap in the process between how a machine fixes a problem and a human People are not effective alone: malfunction quite badly Hackathons are good collaborative tools to solve problems fast. The head of UK education & STEM stated that “people were more flexible machines!” It’s clear we know so little about ourselves, and an AI process has virtually no overlap with a humans process to fix problems, so where is the overlap in the educational process? Creative thinking – people won’t be able to understand the output nor keep up People specialise too fast when people will have to change roles and relearn much faster AI teens showed that they could discover for themselves the AI skills from “google” to start Key Edu take away is collaboration, overcome what is holding us back, open dialogue and how to convert knowledge into value… 100% that is winningthinking.uk 🙂