As a manager in my 20’s, most feedback I received was genuinely threatening… Today a client… A Global Inc. is making good money but during the process, their people are becoming fed up to the point of becoming a threat to their business viability. Yet one of their corporate mantra’s is: “We only work with people who choose to work freely.” ! So I get it that this organisation is unaware & unable to take feedback on board. In fact, this organisation’s tech and other actions were making, their people’s experience worse… yet they had no idea what specifically they should address. Notice how this “positive people mantra” distorts the reality! Do you understand how your team feel and the impact on your business? During a 1-day TEAM program you will create relationships and empathy robust enough to be able to receive and give this feedback accurately and… take some simple actions to immediately get the best from them and cascade this to their peers… If this resonates and you are interested to find how to prevent people from becoming fed up – let’s have a 10m call? cheers Tom