Team based delivery

The core Icebreaker proposition is this. When an Icebreaker client engages us we offer, in addition to implementation expertise, as a minimum a team based approach to every project. This involves

  1. Peer review, access to other specialists, CPD and QA using Icebreaker templates and processes (way of working, reporting and administration). This peer review can be
    1. as a minimum informal non charged dialogue – for a narrower project or
    2. Budgeted broad team input – where it is clear the client requirements warrant a broader input. This is charged for in a client proposal, and agreed up front.
    3. The ideal business scenario
      1. Our “sweet spot” is clients with multidimensional issues (because resourcing is likely to involve more than one team member)
      2. BUT the Icebreaker core proposition still holds water below or above this level of turnover and complexity because the client benefits from the team-based approach to projects as this applies even where only a single member is charged to the client.

 Retaining value and a consistent message for our clients:

As a team, we have spent considerable time building the most effective team from the best tier 1 interims. In the process of business development we have invested significant effort nurturing national relationships with organisations that will use Icebreaker as the first port of call not just for interim management projects but also for wider solutions to their client business challenges including, but not limited to, turnaround situations.

 On each and every occasion the wider team proposition has been key to our offering and our success with these organisations. It is imperative that, with Icebreaker’s centrally developed relationships where the icebreaker team has collaborated in b the business development effort our message is consistent. This remains true even for project opportunities that will not involve multiple Icebreaker Members delivering to a particular client.

 Branding and delivery

In other words all project referred by these organisations or icebreaker supported or initiated team efforts, no matter how small, need to be carried out under Icebreaker branding with the team proposition being core to the sales message and administered via Icebreaker. This preserves the consistent brand message with these organisations we have all been trying so hard to develop and retain the value for the mutual benefit of all our team Members.