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How is your well-being?

Your performance is entirely determined by your well-being and this isregardless of what your challenges or circumstances are…

Let me explain:

What drives well-being and high performance and how can you measure the lead indicators?

A recent implementation with 24 managers and their teams of 373 people in a major UK based plc, showed that well-being and performance increased from 72 (out of 100) in October 18 to 88 in January 2019. This was in the context of a swathe of job cuts and organisational turmoil. The client is delighted and rolling this program out organisation-wide. The average score in their sector is 58.

The score is called the RBX Index and we are now using it. The RBXIndex measures the drivers of well-being and performance at individual and organisational level. It has been developed upon 1.5m data points across 55 countries and research collected over a decade.

“It gives you a single number to measure well-being and the key drivers – and identifies the specific gaps to action.”

This chart below shows how the RBX Index varies per sector. It is interesting that some of the lower paid industries lead in well-being?

Why did this work?

The RBX Index is based on 11 questions that only take 2 minutes to complete. The big data algorithm calculates the score specific to the leader. Using the number simple specific actions can be taken. These transform well-being and performance. Transitions are an essential opportunity to capitalise on to develop your people and transform capability. Why was it so effective? Because the simple actions taken addressed the key gaps, so they transformed performance! Bang on the money!

How do you think your well-being stacks up vs. the competitors in your sector?

Put it another way, what is the cost to your business and wellbeing, if only *15% of your employees are engaged? (Source: *Gallup 2018 survey – which also showed employee engagement is also getting worse!). The common link between the RBX Index is that the content is only a few minutes long, the actions are immediate, so the impact gets straight to the money

If you would like to find out how your business well-being stacks up vs your sector competitors, we can organise a simple trial for you.

Have a great day… Tom
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