Forward “This event enables board level executives recognise the human roadblocks to the change they introduce and how to get buy in turnaround situations” John Webster CEOGB

The paradox of Turnaround Management. The best turnaround executives are all human beings. Humans during a turnaround or during another time of extreme difficulty; often malfunction. The insightful turnaround manager builds a legacy, yet the words often used during a turnaround are stressful, confrontational and high risk. Turnaround Execs are at real danger of destroying value. 39% of businesses consider they implement change poorly, yet during these extreme crises the client typically only uses their own staff.

The pitfalls. The inabilities of a turnaround manager to engage is often the cause most businesses enter administration. In turnaround scenarios clients are distressed and in nearly always in denial. The ability to engage is simply essential in order to make sense and unravel irrational information the turnaround executive receives. The outcome of applying the content of this intense working event is a vast improvement in resourcefulness – more from less and standalone capability. This is essential in the case of a turnaround = when the business is pared back to its productive core.

The skills to succeed. Whilst knowledge of how humans behave in difficult circumstances is a relatively new science – an adequate executive skill set to cope with the trauma associated with a turnaround does not seem to emerge from education or vocational experience. In a turnaround customer behaviours are always entrenched and reasoning distorted, leaving those engaging without the right skills at grave risk of destroying value. This often pushes a troubled business past the point of no return, and or leading to firing the wrong people. This intense 2 day event develops the skills for experienced C level or Turnaround Executives to leave a successful legacy. The legacy or retained values differentiates a good turnaround vs. an insolvent liquidation or the abject failure to engage at all.

Resourceful. This program enables the turnaround executive to leverage the latent client resource rather than flooding the business with expensive support. By addressing the “People side” of turnaround management the incumbent team if led in the right way – can have a chance to develop the skills to succeed in their new environment.

 “Without doubt the most powerful formal learning experience of my life. Everyone who participates with an open mind will come away from the event a changed person. A must for senior management operating in a rapidly changing environment”. Sean

“In an incredibly short period this course imparted, not just mechanistic knowledge, but deep understanding of the principles behind the proven tools for coaching at senior levels. I can see that, with a little more diligent practice, these tools will make me a significantly more effective leader that is extracting the highest possible performances from my team.” Alistair

“Excellent content and format, I believe the Course will help me to win business and manage engagements far more effectively.” Darrell

About John Webster. The 2 day event is led by John Webster. John has coached over 1000 CEOs and trained over 100 senior executives on the CEO Masters level executive coach training program. John is a leading portfolio chairman who has operated in the private equity market for over 35 years.

Location: Ashridge Business School. Friday Accommodation at Ashridge is included in the course fee, where all attendees will be invited to take part in a dinner. Thursday and Friday evening provides the perfect opportunity to socialise and network with other senior executives in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Reserving a place; For the next date through the contact link or directly to: Phone: +44 (0)207 193 5518 Email: