How realistic / easy is it to add and realize value?

“You cannot solve the problem with the same type of thinking that created the problem“ – Albert Einstein

A view from Spain

What’s for sure is that the level of horse power to identify and see through the plan to succeed is often radical. A Spanish bank commentator caught in the storm “Cash and operational strengthening used to work it’s not working now, the level of difficulty is 10x as foundations are not sound. Although there is a shift to simplify the process, Spanish insolvency laws have been subordinate to labour laws making outcomes unclear”

Resourcing the pain in Spain

There is still no doubt what is required to turn these businesses goes well beyond the traditional TD. Its vital to know what operational excellence looks like, or what benefits a lean business model can provide. Multiple restructurings quietly taking place in VC’s portfolios suggest the super CEO solution is not enough, and you need a QA process to remove and adjust resourcing as the situation unfolds.   As “the good old business model” is often now broken, the sector specific preoccupation simply does not create enough defend-able or sustainable value to stay ahead. It follows “more of the same” does not create enough defend-able value to sustain a robust margin. Creating value even in steady corporates is now forcing radical operational and product transformation to create a sustainable pot of gold moving forwards. Automotive product and retail business models are good sector examples of this.

Dispassionate resourcing and structure

There is no doubt; at one end of the scale like an A&E team in a war zone; the solution must be adaptable, optimized and driven dispassionately by the owner’s interests. We have found interestingly the same team based logic benefits complex situations – a far broader more resource with a robust business model which icebreaker has evolved over the last 7 years. it is in the way we work that creates a 10x-100x return on an assignment, supporting this staggering statement;

“You cannot solve the problem with the same type of thinking that created the problem“ – Albert Einstein