How will #artificialintelligence affect your business and when?… Try this – watch this documentary below… Its a tricky question because: the $Bn industry has virtually no regulations; there is little understanding of how AI works nor how the AI decisions are reached, #deeplearning takes a life of its own; super intelligence will usurp all humans on earth in 5 years, the speed and intelligence is too smart and fast for people to understand; it has a relentless and dispassionate focus on achieving military of business goals. It will increase uncertainty beyond what humans can cope with. It follows humans will get left behind and lose our control of decision making and our abilities will become increasingly obsolete over the next 10 years. In order to win it has been shown to develop our worst human traits. The ICO have lost the race already: the legal basis of GDPR is completely unrealistic and obsolete, showing a complete misunderstanding of AI.