Ability to integrate into the client company

Executive was engaged at short notice to project manage the creation of a UK Hub including all systems interface issues, employment of staff and organisation, purchase of stock from European parent company and establishment of new warehousing space in Luton.    This was to be completed in 17 days following the failed implementation of a central European hub by the parent company leading to poor UK customer service, increased operational and logistics costs and increased stock levels.    The Executive was able to hit the ground running quickly establishing relationships and understanding the salient requirements leading to a wholly successful completion of the short term project much to the amazement of the parent company.    The impact was thus that the executive was able to recommend further value enhancement by improving the operation.

Impact on the business / bottom line

Overall savings are estimated at present to exceed £1m being an amalgam of reduction in stock (£2.5m) and associated costs, improvements in systems and management processes, changes to outbound delivery management and organisation changes.    The overall effect of a OTIF operation is still being measured however the effect is clear.

Overall contribution / achievement of objectives

The executive has left a robust organisation with confident and able management in place.    The continual feedback is one of a logistics operation having a positive effect on the rest of the business and exceeding its service expectation.    The European parent company is now in discussion to use his services to solve further problems within their supply chain.

Working style

Executive works in a very inclusive manner ensuring that the internal managers grow as the business changes.     Although his style is calm and negotiative he’s not afraid to express his opinion and push through measures he considers to be appropriate to a successful conclusion at every level.

Leadership / people management skills

Executive works in an inclusive and participative manner ensuring that leaves his team in a stronger and informed condition than when he found them. However has the strength to lead from the front.

Any other comments about the Executive

Quickly understood the detail whilst remaining on top of the big picture. Not afraid to get his hands dirty whilst presenting at the highest levels. “I will use him again.”