Ability to integrate into the client company

Executive was  again engaged at short notice at the request of the Group CEO to review, recommend and implement  improved  fulfillment processes following a difficult merge with a sister company.  The merge had caused both companies to endure difficult client relationships (including key clients eg. Bupa), suffered increases in operational costs and reduced revenue  in the smaller merged company by 50%. There was an immediate requirement to analyze the situation and get buy in so that revenues could recover and client relationships be restored.

Impact on the business / bottom line

The merged companies joint revenues were estimated to be £130m, with the smaller company contributing £30m of that, however income from this source had decreased to less than £1m /month. In order for the merge to be successful and for the current Group CEO to retire revenues needed to recover to £2.5m/month. Of secondary importance was to reduce the cost of the fulfilment process. Although initially increasing the headcount in key areas, the resultant was still significantly below  the pre-merge position. This will enable with improved processes to deliver a robust OTIF fulfilment process this fiscal.

Overall contribution / achievement of objectives

The reorganisation has been deemed a success with the revenue and cost objectives being met. Such was the impact that the Executive was asked to stay on for a further 2 projects, 1). Improvement of the Installation Contracts  department and processes and 2). To sense check the next  proposed merge.

Working style Executive got his hands dirty whilst presenting to a disaffected field sales force. He was able to operate in both company environments despite the clear and palpable antagonism  as a result of the failed processes.

Leadership / people management skills

Executive can work on a number of levels taking tough decisions but always taking his team with him. So much so, that the team has asked for him to be used on 2 further occasions.

Any other comments about the Executive

“I have used him again, as always delivered the required result”.