Icebreaker, in collaboration with SMT, builds bespoke support package for VC and PE

Portfolio performance has polarised; with only the minority doing well. The majority are struggling (source: 3i). The average annual return in PE & VC has collapsed from 17% in 2007 to 2% in December 2008 (source: GS). Deleveraging will be an ongoing and painful process for many investments and few managers have any experience of a severe recession. The biggest single priority for many investors today is getting the existing portfolio right.
Icebreaker with offer a unique combination of hard facts on competitors, suppliers and the market that is otherwise unobtainable. We give deep insights based on proven analysis methods and extensive industry expertise. We will produce actionable, immediate recommendations and deliver them using Icebreaker’s experienced interim executives.

Icebreaker selected as preferred partners for emerging Recovery Fund

Icebreaker, in collaboration with Insolvency specialists Bridge, have been engaged to support the implementation of a new recovery fund aimed at investing in and turning round businesses that, whilst currently struggling, rest on solid underlying fundamentals. For qualifying companies, Bridge’s specialists will deal with creditors and arrange re-financing whilst Icebreaker’s Executive supports the business from within to ensure a successful exit from the turnaround phase.

Time to Optimise

There is a new phrase circulating at the moment: “good business, bad market”. Many business that are using this as cover for a failure to address the need for fundamental change. Now is the time to be honestly self-critical about performance and ask the dificult questions, to ensure the business is fit for the future. Icebreaker can help you answer these questions, help you drive change programs through in sensible timescales and leave an enduring legacy behind.

Icebreaker Continues to Grow

Since our last Newsletter, our team has been significantly strengthened by the addition of four new experienced Executives. They are: Sandra Brown, Phil Cooper, Dan Phelan and David O Byrne. Review the profiles on the Icebreaker Site.

For an uncharged one-day evaluation from a member of the team contact or call on 0207 193 5518 to arrange an appointment.