“An analysis of over 900 firms by global HR consulting and outsourcing firm Hewitt Associates finds that 46% of organisations experienced a decline in engagement levels in the quarter ending June 2010, with a mere 30% noting an improvement”, (Executive Grapevine 2010)

Icebreaker partner with Emerge to address the 2010 employee engagement challenge

Your company’s success depends on the performance of your people. Emerge work in partnership with icebreaker clients and change leaders to engage develop their people and create agile culture to produce the best results. The resourceful outcome is more from your constrained resources through increases in motivation, productivity and client satisfaction.

Here are just a few examples of courses, workshops and cultural change projects we have been involved with:-

  • Preparing for change; Change leadership awareness and development
  • Leading High Performance Teams; Team Strategic Planning,
  • Creating a agile Culture; Coaching Intervention to support management skills

Creating a Coaching Culture

Creating an agile environment that change is what a coaching culture is all about.  Emerge combine coaching to the culture and strategy of the business, and support icebreaker programs by introducing better tools for change. We can work with the client’s internal resource to up skill them, and introduce a new set of skills to support management be more effective on an everyday basis