Engaging, transferring skills and leaving successful legacies in distressed scenarios

The UK is currently in a recession that has been described by Mervyn King as “the worst financial crisis in history”, yet the turnaround market is stalled. One of the main roadblocks in the turnaround market is the inability of professional to engage in distressed scenarios. Icebreaker developed this program from 2006 and launched in 2008 unanimous positive feedback from the seasoned executives that attended. Link to testimonials

Who is it for;

  • Ambitious C level executives that operate in M&A or lead in rapidly changing environments
  • Failing managers that need support or have managed to disengage their teams
  • Corporate looking to change their culture from the top down and re motivate and reengage their staff following a series of cut backs
  • Insolvency practitioner’s turnaround professionals, lawyers, bankers involved at the front line
  • Venture capitalists that get engaged with their clients and get their hands dirty

Course benefits

It will enable you to develop a better understanding of yourself, your colleagues and the people you work with as part of an assignment. It will help you to deliver significant change alongside developing a successful and enduring legacy either as a senior business person or as an interim manager. It will greatly reduce stress, whilst providing vast improvements across a business from increasing profit and improving customer experience to the delivery of services and results. To change a person’s behavior you need to radically change the way they think and this course really does achieve this. It will change the way you think about yourself and others and in doing so it will make you and those around you much more effective and successful.  Link to Course benefits

The content is completely in line with business owners and other complex stakeholder’s interests – seamless respectful engagement. There is a broadening consensus within professional firms that pushing solutions and selling does not engage a distressed client, and a much more effective understanding of human nature with tools is required.  Icebreaker are interested to launch this program with the other professionals to strengthen the market position of this program and work together on this initiative in future, and share their working knowledge in this area for the joint benefit of the community, and turnaround community at large. link to event content

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Thought leaders from  from Venture Capital, Banking, Industrial, and Insolvency, legal as well as other senior executives are invited to attend. This workshop is a substantial opportunity to create a leading capability in your firm in this area. Who should attend; The CEOs of businesses, executives or professionals that face the challenge of engaging in distressed scenarios, and or those looking to develop their management skills to apply in non distressed scenarios

Terms; Cost that includes the 2 preferential places, meals and the Friday night stay at Ashridge is £3500+vat or £1800 per person. Payment secures the limited places, for ease of admin proforma invoice is attached. The event and confirmation of your place will be confirmed by Tuesday 27th March. Unless the event is cancelled by icebreaker the fees are committed against substantial fixed costs so are not refundable. Start times are Friday 27th April 8am and Saturday 28th 8am- 6pm. If icebreaker has to cancel the event a full refund will be provided by return.

Applying to a attend the program;

Confirmation email: office@icebreakerexecutive.com. Tel 0207 193 5518