Icebreaker CEO


­­­Tom Pickering is a passionate executive who consistently strives and has achieved award winning results.  He works as a portfolio equity chairman or non executive director who has practiced in the areas of engineering, high technology, high performance management, operations excellence, sales and marketing, business recovery as well as fast growth.  These include SME, plc: company formation, start up, and go to market strategy execution, internationalisation, brand development, equity and phased exit.

He has worked bank side, owner, company side, and on behalf of VC investors. Whilst experienced in growth and very successful businesses, uniquely he is also expert at averting distress and at embedding simple financial controls in the operation, to enable directors to get on and run the business & prevent “unforeseen” financial crises.IET fellow2

Tom uniquely objectively works to realise and maximise cash and value for the business founders & owners.  The projects he has delivered have achieved 100 x returns on investment, and in order to align with business owners, he now takes equity in businesses he engages with.

Tom is a Loughbrough University Graduate, elected Fellow of Inst. Eng. & Technology, 2008-9 board member Institute of Interim Management, RBS, Barclays, PWC and FRP LLP panels, worked with Cranfield and Cambridge University.

Awards; CBI / DTI / Cranfield award and Finalist: Interim Manager of the Year 2007, shortlisted for the Finance Monthly Global Awards in 2013. Tom has a substantial close trusted network of customers, professionals, investors, marketing specialists to resolve or accelerate results in the most simple or challenging scenarios.

Icebreaker Non Executive Chairman

John Webster is icebreakerexecutive non executive chairman. John with Tom created the icebreaker professional development program to ensure we build long term shareholder and customer value, to enable a seamless engagement in successful as well as critical crisis and turnaround scenarios, and leave an enduring legacy.

John is an experienced CEO with a successful track record in financial services, Banking, technology start ups, Venture Capital, Executive coaching and Private equity.



Icebreaker Network

Over the last 7 years, Icebreaker have an established network of experts with excellent people management skills, international experience and depth of sector and functional experience that we use to support projects as an when required. These are at least 50 management professionals that we have worked with and know well, and a further network of about 500 experts, and secondary network of 4500 to provide the resource. We therefore have a very clear idea of who will be absolutely excellent to suit the company culture and scenerio.