What can we do to best help you?

At this juncture I thought I should confirm what we do: icebreakerexecutive.com operational support model still exists, underpinned by the winningthinking.uk capability:

What support do businesses now need?  Must be external because internal becomes complicit, compromised, so go native.

A lot of business success is determined by deciding what to STOP doing…


You need a capability development director.

Why do anything differently? You now need a refreshed capability…

  1. People’s development and wellbeing have become nonsense when with tech etc, we increasingly losing sight of what it is to be human!
  2. You’ve got internal Delusion and deletion – business mantras even the best boards are unaware of these they are blind spots, which wrecks strategy.
  3. Upskill your team to overcome fear, know what is driving the business, and self-awareness
  4. Effective teams that know how to challenge each other and what to challenge, these are often ego, jobsworth subjects too risky to mention
  5. You’re facing a race – bottom – falling profits and wellbeing
  6. You are vastly underselling what you do.
  7. You don’t have the skills to make sense of curved balls, crypto, social aspects, nor key underlying flawed assumptions
  8. There is an element of your business in turnaround, and it shifts but you won’t see it
  9. You don’t see the mechanism of the woke cultural issues that sound great but are deadly

Speed is not clever, that’s just due to the madness driving you like a hamster on the wheel.

So… let’s get control?

Capability development director. Individual with specialist team back-up

They need a heavy hitter to work alongside their board because for internal people it’s jobsworth to challenge these issues, courage, specific skills are required to face and discuss tough issues, and external energy. NOT a consultant

  • Challenge the business to do the right thing
    • Where is the strategy a fraud/team duped?
    • Understand that advice is useless
  • Cut through the junk – what to stop doing
    • Realign fragmented initiatives, stop wasteful ones
      • What initiative is making things worse?
    • Achieve results,
      • Re-align projects – fix the right issue
      • overcome fear
      • deliver projects on time
    • critical thinking
    • environments that build grit and wellbeing
    • leadership development
  • jazz band
    • – key tools
      • alignment and action
      • delegated decision making
      • review & governance structure
    • critical thinking
      • collateral damage,
        • psychological technology,
        • mitigate supply chain disruption
      • cyber threats digitising, fall out unintended consequences – China threat
    • sustainability, consumption face and hit the big 7 issues.
      • Realign strategy to face the new now

Getting it sorted:

  • meet to understand your desired outcomes
  • Establish champion, your key owners to upskill
  • Practice New perspectives and tools to upskill them
    • remove obstacles, raise awareness, hand over tools
    • Practice Taking NEWaction
  • Capability gaps short term
  • Strategy gaps long term
  • What to STOP doing?


  • Establish Review and oversight process
  • Identify misalignments short term
  • Identify misalignments long term
    • Top 7 model
  • Create capability to get back in control, ahead – profit and relationships
  • What to stop doing
  • Develop capability and champion to exit

We are developing our own capability back at the PUB series 2. The first series was about communicating the nature of the forthcoming challenge and the skills/process to address it.

Interestingly now we are witnessing a huge amount of fallout mental illness, stupid woke and tech actions because most businesses have done nothing to upskill their teams, just getting drawn along with the latest fads.

What causes the delusion?

The delusion is caused by statements like “Accelerated business transformation and digitisation 5 years” “issued 5 years of bank lending in 3 months”

And in so deploying tech and debt, it’s become clear that we are racing towards losing sight of what it means to be human – which is surely the precursor to developing ourselves

So to engage just call we can get the right balance of winningthinking.uk and operational support and exit.

Why should you avoid consultants because their focus is to sell on when our priority is to hand you the crown jewels so you can do this yourself and exit.

The winningthinking.uk game 1-day team changer program is so effective that for most great executive teams this only takes 6 hours – beat that ?

If you would like to join the discussion every 2 weeks on what it means to be human, you can join the pub here

If you think you’ve got it covered that’s your ego speaking, each of the icebreaker / winningthinking team members has 15 years of applying the cutting-edge approach, a stupid amount of executive experience, and we’ve never done the same day of work twice.

Or for a 30-minute discussion click here.

Either way

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