icebreaker executive; interim management as an investment

We believe very strongly that successful business is all about change. These skills don’t just happen by chance. The oversight needed with any change and implementation management is the building of a legacy. Words used to describe change management are often “stressful”, “confrontational”, “high risk” etc.  We at icebreaker recognise the difference between a profit improvement and an investment, which is the retained value, or legacy left behind after the interim has departed.

2009/10 recession what is different? In the 1980s The JIT analogy was to reduce the water level (inventory) in the pond (business), so that the rocks (inefficiencies) emerged.  2009 is characterised by reducing revenues and increasing costs. Restricted working capital is exposing UK plc to some real threats that have remained submerged during the recent years of complacency. The situation is, however, now critical due to the immediate shortage of liquidity & the erosion of business cases.

We find common ground with Alan Sugar’s recent pithy synopsis that 85% of businesses requesting cash from banks in fact require an administrator –leaving 15% with a justifiable business case worth funding. The road block in UK plc business is not cash but an effective, courageous, specialist, support team with the professionalism to act in the right way.

the icebreaker team approach; Just like in Accident and Emergency, an X-functional team approach is essential to affect the speed of delivery, diagnose the problem, calm the patient, and stem the flow of blood to prevent the patient dying whilst in parallel arranging the anaesthetic and providing blood for a transfusion to ensure future survival. The traditional “only bull in the field” interim just doesn’t have the breadth of skills alone.

building capability; We have developed a pragmatic action based learning program inspired by an icebreaker Executive interim Management Award nomination. In 2009 the program content has been refined and taken to the next level by a leading Business school.

resourceful engagement; We help you to develop a business culture that is capable of delivering and supporting change whilst building a company with the skills and motivation to drive itself forward. icebreaker interim management programs specifically mobilize untapped client resources to develop capability rather than flooding the business with expensive support.

return on investment; ll icebreaker programmes are validated in terms of the opportunity to transform a client’s capability and typically deliver 10-50 fold cash return on investment.