Global Outlook for Growth of Gross Domestic Product, 2012-2025 (January 2012)†source Conference Board


International business development is critical to business success as the emerging economies will continue to outstrip domestic recovery and growth. These emerging economies will be where breakthrough products and technologies will be developed, and if these are not leveraged with direct links and collaboration businesses will simply fall behind in their regional and global competitiveness.

Growing your business in your home market is one thing, growing your business overseas is another. With the UK economy being so difficult, internationalisation should be at the centre of any business getting serious about growth.

The issues though are much more than fundamental than translating brochures or selecting overseas distributors.

The Icebreaker team have spent many years living and working internationally and alongside our network of expertise provide very solid support in all aspects of internationalising businesses all over the globe.

*EU-15 refers to states that joined the European Union before 2004.**Other advanced economies include Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Israel, Iceland, Cyprus, Korea, Australia, Taiwan Province of China, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Malta. ***CIS is Commonwealth of Independent States which includes all former republics of the Soviet Union, excluding the Baltic states. Source: The Conference Board Global Economic Outlook, January 2012.