Icebreaker Executive’s Investment targets
Always business with differentiated products or services that would benefit from “professionalising”.

      • niche businesses with a clear opportunity to create focus; service, good product or technology. Sustainable Technology & or differentiating capability
      • only majority stakes >51%
      • investment £1m-£30m normally with the same value on the balance sheet, £5m-£30m stake is our sweet spot
      • management looking to exit immediately or 6months – 2 years. Or management willing to take a step back –whilst bought into the exit without necessarily being involved day-day. Business owners that are looking for a route to let go of the operational management or for something else to do
      • with mature steady regional or national markets with significant growth and profit potential. (We can find and deliver the unseen opportunity).
        • This growth potential being via growing regional to national,
          • or national to greater depth nationally,
          • or national to international
    • with buy and build potential;
      • support a dedicated team to identify M&A targets, support due diligence and terms
      • create the 100 day operational plan for acquisition with detailed targets for the 1st 100 days
      • integrate businesses
      • develop collaborative x selling opportunities
      • manage the transition and own the communications plan
      • provide executives to scale the team and plug the gaps as required
  • Distressed or profitable businesses
  • Where debt levels are a problem and restructuring is required, buying the debt for businesses that are viable with less debt or good businesses hampered by a CVA

Due DiligenceSource of funds / partners

icebreaker use their network of Self-Certified Sophisticated Investors and Self-Certified High Net Worth Individuals, as well as certified corporate finance partners (as defined under the FSMA) and Venture Capital to fund acquisitions and investment targets.