Have you noticed opinion is getting more polarised? This is because fear is our most influential emotion and it overwhelms our rational thinking. The current climate of rapid change and uncertainty is increasing and driving increasing fear. The solution is simple effective engagement with each other that we don’t agree with. The social media “like thing” makes this worse because it reinforces barriers and division by creating tribes, which too is a primeval survival tool that has enabled us to survive this far. The best place to be is to understand that we are ALL flawed and talk real time with each other. This underlying fear is destroying decision making in business too and taking actions away from what matters, when our decision making needs to be at its best. winningthinking gets the discussion, relationships and strategy back on track immediately. One of the recent winningthinking.uk sessions we ran the CEO said this is “extremely powerful and creates a completely different type of discussion.” If this resonates we should talk, we are rolling winningthinking.uk across the UK because it really matters and immediately gets teams back to how they should engage to enable them cope together at their best. https://lnkd.in/eKA_a-C

Why unintelligent protest may kill democracy