Is the endgame to fix hashtagAI rather than recognizing that the hashtagtech operates upon, creates and enhances bias for example, tech business models increase wealth inequality, reduce sales prices, online increases operating costs, reduces differentiation and so reduces loyalty and profits So it might be you could be screwing your business viability purely for the benefit of the techcos? Our turnaround experience suggests that tech obsessions reduces profit and loyalty for everyone except the IT companies and their advisors. Oh and as well as being addictive and encouraging consumers to buy more cheap stuff they don’t need, fueling environmental crisis! 🙂 Yet the techies would have you believe that tech is the answer to fix these big issues 🙂 A good time to think and get back to basics? It’s no wonder Greta Thunbergh is a bit fed up, with the “grown ups” ! Richard Merrick … 🙂 hashtagaccountability hashtagcourage hashtagventurecapital hashtagconfidence hashtagrobotics