For those that get involved in M&A and turnaround – I think these trends are relevent in challenging the traditional sources of value and margin..

Food for thought;

Consumer demand is > 70% of the U.S. economy, yet consumers are not spending.. so who will buy products and services? 

Yet when you look at the rest of the world – there is not much systemically stopping us in the UK, just what apears to be a complacent culture!…The macro economic drivers to address limiting success in the UK (World Economic Forum)..

Since 2007 the share of the East has of global trade has widened e.g. 40% China vs. the UK

Strange Western responses…
Creating more market trade barriers – Perfect Storm? US Senate to vote to increase duties on Chinese imports, as China’s manufacturing shrinks for 3rd qtr..

Put the plug back in ! – Is the European Financial Stability Facility simply delaying the inevitable?