The #oilindustry has been the largest investment category by far over the last 50 years, until now just been usurped by tech, with #techs own detrimental systemic issues to wellbeing, suicide, loneliness we are witnessing now too.

It’s concerning how the PR industry has covered up the environmental damage of the oil industry over the last 40 years and with the switch it’s now covering up the (very different / employment/ industrial/social/wellbeing) damage from AI/tech etc which is as we are experiencing probably worse already and like to get far worse over even the immediate future.

Are investors that fickle and greedy?

Tech #recentoldpastt) is a battle for growth and domination (and addictive control of attention) vs the requirement of #newnow relationships and profit.

Time for balance and doing the right thing? and keeping the options open?

To create the skills to stay ahead and keep the options open give me a call, we are running our next series of winning thinking game-changer programs over the coming weeks.

Jazz band level of capability and 360-degree intimacy is what is required.

UK Auto electrification causes major reductions in employment too.

Is your business too paralysed by wokeness to discuss this?

enjoy Tom
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