2011 This washing says it all. Whilst challenges remain, this OECD report outlines that there are no UK roadblocks to becoming global and competitive. In fact it’s back to common sense – making and selling things. Although making up only 10% of the UK economy; manufacturing now accounts for 24% of the recovery. What are missing is YOUR courage, YOUR desire to win and being aware the revolution is OUR responsibility. The difference between certainty and uncertainty is simple – taking action.


This is the action taken by the icebreaker team in 2011

CPO Consumer Goods Private Equity Owned In 3 months reduced 400 initiatives to less than 15 must win programmes to deliver €12m for 2012 with an immediate cash improvement of €8m. case study

Operations Transition Director Medical devices (t/o £130m) – Enabled  33% increase in revenues in 3 months with a £1m reduction in costs. case study

Transition Programme Director FMCG (t/o £130m) – Transitional lead from corporate to private equity ownership. case study

SME Textiles Business Turnaround (t/o £7m) – Overall Business strategy resulting in increased profit of £0.5M. case study

Interim MD Restructuring Medical Devices (t/o £12m) – Saved £420k vs. restructuring budget with £755k savings pa. case study

Interim Head of Engineering (Aerospace Group Subsidiary) (t/o £140m) – In 3 months improved external customer satisfaction 55-76%, with programme on time delivery to budget raised to 85%. case study


Due Diligence

Due Diligence (t/o £150M) – VC Retail Turnaround – launched program to realise a €8m cash improvement. case study

Due Diligence (t/o £25m) – VC Automotive Manufacturing – in 4 days identified a plan to £2.0m profit with £2.6m less sales, with target c.£1m cash improvement in first few months. case study

Capability development

Interim HRD Software Inc. (NASDAQ) – Implemented and delivered an internal recruitment capability. Established an HR back office capability in Pune, India.

Turnaround Director (t/o £400m) 3500 employees NHS Sydney stock exchange listed supplier of IT services –Transferred the Group finance operations to the UK. Sold the business and repaid £150m bank debt.  (Shortlisted for listed company turnaround of the year in 2011 IFT Awards).

Looking back on 2011 – these projects alone have recognized and or delivered a £15m cash improvement, with £15m extra EBITDA, or £70m value add not bad for an “uncertain” year.

Let’s have a great 2012.