The importance of a #jazzband to enable critical thinking in automotive / aero technology development environment: “While the spotlight has been on electric aviation for the past 10yrs, the limitations of current battery technology restricts its expansion. Today, lithium ion batteries are around 48X less energy dense than kerosene, says Dr Bobby Sethi. This means scaling up is a problem for electric aviation-the largest electric plane flown to date is the 9-seater eCaravan. It has a range of only 100nm— for which it requires a battery weighing 2,000 pounds.He highlights that in larger planes, like a Boeing, the battery would far exceed the plane’s maximum take-off weight. “It’s just not possible unless battery technology improves significantly, which is why H2 is a more viable option to fuel aircraft in the future,” he says.

car vs horse
stealth fighter faster or slower?
steam vs IC engine
lithium vs hydrogen

A steam based tech platform would have been better for automotive power-trains, yet the IC engine was the horse that was backed…

EQ enables you to fix the right problem IQ then enables you fix the problem. realises this capability & #jazzband to get decisons right.

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