How does a business become valuable?
  1. Excellent leadership (but focussed at making themselves redundant)
  2. An effective organisation (& suits the business requirement)
  3. A motivating environment (in which the best people excel)
  4. Simple financial management and control (so owners can focus on the business)
  5. The means to achieve profit growth (by realising sales/operations excellence)
  6. Develop the businesses capabilities (the ones that are difficult to replicate)
  7. Means of exiting people (those that no longer meet the needs of the business)

But what types of support do business owners have around them?

  • Accountants, Consultants, Banks, Interim Managers, Government initiatives, Turnaround specialists, Venture capital, Corporate Finance, Lawyers and of course & ultimately Insolvency Practitioners!

What is common with this type of support?

  • Since 2008 these types of support have had very little work

Is this support therefore disconnected with what owners want or require?

Uniquely icebreaker are very busy. This is probably something to do with the fact we are in the same boat and row in the same direction as business owners because from the start our interests are aligned with the current business owners. 

Our target is to increase our EIS approved investment portfolio from 2 to 5 by the end of this year, and to enable these hard working, ambitious business owners to attain their full business worth within 2 years. Our motivation is to ensure that the process and outcome uses the best, but does not get corrupted by narrow solutions. 

Why is our support resourceful? Because we measure the capability of icebreaker leadership by what happens when we are NOT there.

Supporting a business owner realise their business value, has got to be a good thing, so if you are a bank, business owner or would like to make an introduction feel free get in contact +44(0)7720 597869.    

PS. click on this picture: the overview should capture the experience of working with us;



Have a great day


Tom Pickering 

CEO Icebreaker Executive