What is the impact of criticising your team for their actions as well as how they act?

What would the impact on your staff be like, if you take this type of perspective with them?

Your employee’s response will be characterised by

  1. silence?
  2. and inactivity?

So, does “critical thinking” create agility?… “PAH”!

“If you think you know better – you are preventing open communication”

Why lean?

Lean, is to become aware of and protect your core business, build an outstanding team and bolt on capabilities around this core business? Then engage in a way that with every interaction transforms capability.

How to you evaluate a leadership team?

The serial tech investor Simon Murdoch suggested that it was a subjective process to evaluate leadership. The key factors being the “teams flexibility and their ability to listen”?

Could you:

  • evaluate individuals and as a team in 1 high value session?
  • On site and in the context of their real work?
  • test their ability to take an unfamiliar perspective?
  • what might that perspective be anyway?
  • identify the flaws that are holding them back?

At the same time share the tools to enable them to openly communicate and know how and when to challenge the communication with each other?


How do you evaluate the leadership team: what relevance does past performance to the future?

NONE.. Whatsoever

People performance is down to

  1. being given the opportunity
  2. their working environment

So how can you test capability outside that environment?


Tech is not any answer because it takes away opportunities from people, as well as the rungs on the ladder and learning from the coal face.


Is largely about how effectively people respond to unfolding events so..

How do you evaluate the dynamic of a leadership team and predict their success: such as

  1. how they respond to each other and events in real time?
  2. how flexible are they and can they take a different perspective?
  3. increase and strengthen their ability to openly communicate?
  4. are they strong enough to orchestrate value creation?

Let’s get to the nuts?

The winningthinking.uk process in a half day gets straight to the nuts, by creating a different discussion that evaluates the leadership team on the job in their real habitat, whilst introducing a whole new set of tools to keep healthy, create breakthroughs and stay on track.

What is your business worth without effective leadership?

We are launching winningthinking.uk with tech investors because they are now paying 15x multiples of revenue for tech start-ups!

These guys rightly want to be able to quickly predict in an invigorating and value adding way if their proposed leadership teams they are investing will be successful.

Are you investing in your leadership?

Too busy to Lose Wait?

If you would like to join us on this exciting journey just call.

Some businesses may need to lose weight, but every business needs to lose ‘WAIT’.

Procrastination is a commercial disease that is threatening the health of our economy. With the speed at which the world is now changing, we all need to open our eyes to the bad habits we’ve fallen into and any bad decisions we’ve been making – and we need to do it today, before it’s too late!

Have a great day