How will value be created 5-10 years when: 1. Block chain dominates social and financial transactions *1 2. Machines will take over roles as well as the running of companies 3. AI will put 40+% of people out of work by 2028 4. Manufacturing localisation using nano technology – making whatever we like ourselves out of nothing (already proven) 5. Mass underemployment – will vastly change spending and company revenues 6. Severe social unrest, human worthlessness & who will look after the unemployed? 7. Governments will lose their influence due to lack of visibility *1 8. Technology “race to the bottom” will be led by China; making difficult to contain the ethical issues 9. Local AI Militarisation – who is accountable for deaths? 10. How does God communicate with machines? The next 2-3 years will set out who will be the winners and losers. Who ultimately will be the winners? Check your thinking: are you thinking: this is just the next wave of technology, I will be OK? I will have a job? have you considered the implications for your children? Its a tough time to speak out against these mantra?

Jack Ma’s view