Jack Ma is right we will never beat computers:

So lets not kid ourselves #artificialintelligence will destroy civilised society and an environment that even the “winners” will not want to live in. Or are you thinking NOT ME? The notion that humans will stay in control and play a role alongside AI is a fallacy, and work is important to our well being. Its vitally important we develop our thinking because with a backdrop of increasing speed, less profits, work and uncertainty from my research these I think will be the phases: phase 1 NOW people increasingly can’t cope – but don’t YET realise it phase 2 people cant cope – but realise it (now – 5 years) mass job losses 40% phase 3 whose idea was this? we lose control (5 – 10 years) 40% + job losses if you want to transform your ability to cope, you must develop your thinking so do engage with us on winningthinking.uk