Our experience is that businesses need to be able to answer these questions positively and be acting on them;

managing business value a resilience check and some learning’s

How high do you set the bar?

  • many VC acquisitions we get involved with set the standard to achieve far too low leaving the business vulnerable to competitive attack or require further restructuring and loss of value.  Icebreaker use experts with award winning experience to support setting the bar at the right height WITH the support and means to get there!

Are you looking to ensure projects, cash flow and other key aspects of business performance are more predictable and better managed?

  • creating effective teams and processes are critical to ensure delivery and risk is managed particularly in technology or engineering environments

Could your team work better together?

  • if not the output will be unpredictable and drag key management away from opportunities into the mire of recovering failed projects limiting growth

Are working relationships good?

  • if you have something difficult to do, this will push the team to their limits and the environment needs to be safe enough to raise major problems and its relationships and empathy /respect and recognizing for diversity that defines success, or needs to be created before embarking on change. Icebreaker run a >very successful program on this and the whole team can share this capability on assignment

Are objectives clear?

  •  if unclear they wont hit the target you set nor will they be motivated

Do the team have adequate support?

  • how do you interact with subordinates e.g. do you let them do their jobs?

How do you manage diversity;

  • do the team include technical gurus? recognizing, harnessing and getting the best out of diverse teams is vital conversely if they were all like ME that too would be a disaster leaving much unaddressed

Do you have the right people on board, a succession and business capability development plan?

  • get the right people on the bus, what is your plan to motivate them; money is only a very short term motivator that does not mitigate management gaps. without development the best will leave

Can you attract, retain and build the best top team?

  • why do people leave your organisation and are you building capable teams or are you best apples dropping off the tree?

Do you have effective and robust business processes in place to manage the business inform decision making and make good decisions?

  • without management and review and rigour in decision making you wont be able to do any challenging projects reliably or profitably

Are you aware of and planning for longer term opportunities and threats?

  • what is on the horizon? are you considering the threats and opportunities of emerging markets, have you access to the very best thinkers and doers to get you to what excellent looks like 1st time. most businesses we find go for a too narrow solution squandering value and wasting cash! icebreaker provide flexible, aligned and seamless access to award winning functional expertise to get to; 1. growth, 2. operations excellence, 3. successful M&A, 4. financial stability, 5. vendor alignment?)

if you would like to discuss these challenges icebreaker are absolute experts in resourcefully addressing these matters, call us to discuss in confidence