“Delivering Results – Transferring Skills and Leaving Legacies”
How do you change threats into exciting opportunities?
– Successful change managers are expert at changing threats into exciting opportunities, while developing the organization and clear lines of accountability to exploit these opportunities. Key to their success is the application of hard facts and deep insight combined with experienced action to make a significant bottom line impact – quickly! -. If you want to address your current threats and prepare for the upturn, now is the time to call on outside, shared-risk help…. here.
Is your company structured to ride the upturn, when it comes?
– Change is the imperative but many initiatives meddle at the periphery and miss the big picture. Too often, management teams are inward-looking and overlook or do not fully understand fundamental shifts in supply and customer markets. Executives may lack the breadth of skills or direction to create the team and business model to fit the operation for the future. If this is the case, you need to call on outside help…. here.
Are you thinking “We need help with…..”?
– A good interim manager will have wide-ranging, pragmatic management experience and presence to develop rapport with your stakeholders and to build skills and momentum. This experience is also crucial in identifying and taking opportunities to deliver tangible results, whilst at the same time transfering knowledge and skills to your team as the program unfolds. If you need immediate help, which leaves a lasting, self sufficient legacy now is the time to call on the best outside help…. here.
How does one call to Icebreaker get you all the help you need?
– Icebreaker Executive is a new style of Executive Interim Management
The unique Icebreaker infrastructure supports all Icebreaker Executives on assignment ensuring they are effective within days, maximizing your ROI on the assignment. Get the details… here.
– Proven Professionals with expert team backing
Our proven interim management team accesses the expert support of our specialist collaborative partners in Market Research, Management Consultancy, Restructuring & Recovery and more…. here.
– Delivering Results – Transferring skills and Leaving legacies
In our experience most businesses have resources that can adapt. Icebreaker Executives do more than get the immediate job done. All are trained to develop your staff and organization to better cope with the next challenge. Check our client successes…. here.
Hear Icebreaker CEO, Tom Pickering, speak on 22nd April in City of London
Tom Pickering has been invited to speak at the International Conference for Research into Interim Management; a forum dedicated to the latest developments in interim management. Full details…. here.

Please email tom.pickering@icebreakerexecutive.com, or call on 0207 193 5518 to arrange an appointment.

Tom Pickering CEO Icebreaker Executive Interim Management Limited
“Delivering Results – Transferring Skills and Leaving Legacies”
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