Creating an Enduring Business in 2013.

How do you compete with passionate, capable business people that never give up?

Congruent with our mission and 7 years in the making, this is the summary of how best to enable ambitious business owners to attain their full business worth within 1-2 years. Our motivation is simply to act on behalf of business owners and ensure that the process or outcome does not get corrupted by isolated interventions.

These snippets set out our approach and findings, which I hope paints the complete picture and that you find usefuland interesting.

How is this approach unique?

  • We get to a simple 5 point plan within a few days, and start implementation almost immediately
  • The input is affordable, non disruptive and is completed in only half a day a week
  • We are experts at reaching the shortest route to generating cash.
  • As we are not drawing much in fees, our motivation is completely aligned – to the increased equity value realised.
  • You can trust us to deliver, as we need to ensure you also have the right team to achieve the plan too, so this is a closed loop.
  • The approach is consistent with our core business – capability building and leaving a legacy.
  • We are not fat cats and we completely get the pressures and challenges of running an SME and know what excellent looks like.
  • We avoid the “feeding frenzy” of professionals that business owners get faced with when they get into unfamiliar territory.
  • We don’t know better; we simply align expectations and are expert at enabling people within businesses to perform at their best.

Trust me for a variety of reasons – you need a catalyst to get this right. The main danger in this climate that business owner’s face – is an unrealistic plan and tenaciously sticking to it. The plan should address the truth; for example what is a business worth if the business is still dependent upon the owner?