A blue chip international B2B was highly profitable but core products were becoming dated and market leadership was being eroded. Organisation required thorough portfolio review as well as commercial & NPD realignment, rationalisation & performance turnaround in face of changing international competition. Project was in 3 phases: firstly define commercial strategy and get sign-off. Second phase was to redesign NPD & product management and review current workloads. Third phase was to implement new product strategy and re-populate NPD programmes and communicate commercial strategy.
Ability to Integrate into Client Company
The initial investigation required numerous internal and external discussions and meetings over compressed period and on international basis. Significant customers insights and competitive mapping allowed the business to establish revised points of competitive advantage that would allow them to compete. This allowed the entire commercial team to buy in to the revised strategy. The action plan was agreed with the UK parent company and regional teams. Recommendations were presented and signed-off at Divisional Board detailing strategy, costs & time scale. Local project team set up to deliver plan. This involved global discussions on sourcing, branding and supply chain. Revised central functions required to develop product management capabilities. Local management teams required to develop both channel support and distribution strategy, with revised products, pricing structure, product specifications etc.
Impact on Business
Revised commercial strategy was developed and implemented over a period of 9 months on international basis that was to plan and to budget. Initial sales were 25% ahead of previous year and margin up 40%. Commercially, the business was much stronger with a complete portfolio solution with broad range of products to bring to market that were much more market focused.
Achievement of Objectives
Initial plan was agreed and signed-off in 3 months. Roll-out achieved on plan in 9 months.
Working Style
Engaged all employees in very challenging circumstances and was able to motivate all to ensure new plan was completed without major disruption to existing workloads and projects business, utilising the skill set afforded by the project team. Brought local organisation closer together and removed some of mistrust by working more closely to resolve identified issues.
Leadership/Management Skills
Focused on achieving market, time scale & budgets through pragmatic and collaborative management style, supported by tenacious focus on deliverables where necessary.