Common operational challenges

We work alongside investors  CEOs & FDs to accelerate programs to deliver…Requires absolute FOCUS on the top few issues that we find;

  • Organisations need more urgency – a view of the immediate / emerging threats & actions
  • Change often never happens – doing the same things JUST with less people
  • Lack of effective, resourceful , or accountable external support – traditional consultants have been found out
  • Breadth without depth central to good decision making and execution
  • Creating Cash organisations need now to survive from their existing financial resources
  • Incremental sales – forgotten how to sell, focus on the customer segment, use channels + emerging (social media etc)
  • Post consolidation capability and efficiency is low –  basic controls at “point of use” missing
  • Management victims of weak corporate oversight –  allowed to develop blind spots & not effective at engaging employees
  • Misaligned action with the rhetoric – front line employees unsupported, complacent and lack focus – a threatening environment
  • Resourcing broken – squanders value through lack of capability & cultural fit.
  • M&A / Turnaround – supporting decision making to ensure value is understood and realised.

Good news

competitors are often far behind and slow, and you can improve on even the best strategies.