Our “bias” is what makes us human, and is not necessarily a bad thing. Its the source of our diversity. These different perspectives are what enables us to manage risk, and identify new solutions. We are at the stage that machines do understand ourselves better than us. This is a great paradox pushing engagement, diversity, yet using AI to crush it this is manipulation. Humans are of course flawed, and these habits are harder to shake. That said the more we try and control bias etc, the more stupid adults and confused children we will create. When machines know us better than we know ourselves (and we are nearly there) humans lose control, and we become part of the cyborg network. the flaw here based upon all of the negative generalisations around the isms and from that to assume bias is a bad thing. in the main it is essential, and the rest we can refine by talking to eachother. www.winningthinking.uk unravels why these weird obsessions with AI are flawed and how to challenge them. interesting times?