“Delivering Results, Transferring Skills & Leaving Legacies™”

Icebreaker executives convert “personal ambition” to “ambition for the company”.  We are fanatically driven with an incurable need to create results. We apportion credit to others when progress goes well, and take responsibility when things go wrong. We cannot stand mediocrity in any form. We will rapidly identify and build on opportunities as it’s is the only way to thrive. We do what we say on time.

How do we work?

We start with the right people and create the environment to ask the right questions and engage in vigorous debate to find how to make the company thrive. We create an environment where hard working people thrive.

icebreaker work with the best. When funding, M&A or restructuring is required we engage with the best minds in venture capital and other supporting professionals whom we know and trust to ensure the route is proven and right first time.

  • we identify the brutal facts but never lose faith; to develop a disciplined culture with the ethic of entrepreneurship.
  • we address brutal facts that impede results with a stoic resolve
  • we leave a legacy; a rigorous culture that is hostile to complacency, consistent and focused.

What is like to work with us?

The Icebreaker team love what we do, we provide highly motivational opportunities. Resourcing is normally front end loaded after which our time is reduced up to the point the team can do it better themselves.

What we are not.

Genius’s don’t create a legacy; they don’t need one or want one. We are not charismatic leaders who distract staff from looking after the business first and foremost rather than the leader. We are proud but not egotistical; egos contribute to the demise or continued mediocrity. Talented but egocentric leaders create step changes only to decline in later years. . We don’t ride in as saviours from the outside trumpets blaring.

We are business and capability focused, with a view of the business succeeding for many generations

Why icebreaker?

“icebreakers are specially built boats and ships designed to break through ice in a specific, carefully managed way in order to avoid causing greater problems – like becoming trapped in the ice. They are used to keep important navigational routes open and to keep trade and commerce moving.”

Icebreaker are committed to being easy to do business, with discretion and complete integrity and we love working in this way. If we can’t deliver a substantial return – our commitment is simple – we won’t engage.