Creating an unfair advantage: Part 1: revitalising a company’s profits

I am delighted to say that over 30 organisations spanning banking, investment, VC , PE, industrial, professional services & distribution, have enjoyed, yes literally enjoyed the experience…

And many said they loved it!

What is pleasing the outcome has been far more successful and engaging than even I had expected. “Enlightening” said one fund last week!

Why is so successful?

It might surprise you to know that it’s not by prescribing what you should eat!

What perspectives do we check?

What is the core business?

  • What was the challenge and what were the subsequent decisions made over the last 5 years?
  • What is the gross margin, what are the overheads allocated?
  • What is the required GM to make satisfactory profits
  • Build an ABC model allocate complexity and volume drivers to segments
  • Establish line – line profitability
  • Revise margins & start selling value – NOW
  • Sign of all new business vs this template

What’s the organisation?

  • is the organisation aligned to the challenges?
  • what are the leadership capabilities?
  • Ask different types of questions test capabilities / individual
  • cascade and set realigned objectives
  • align review structure and way of team working

What is difficult to replicate?

  • What is being given away?
  • What is being taken for granted?
  • What thinking is driving decision making?

What are the company mantra / execs saying?

  • What behaviours are the company “value statements” driving?
  • Which are flawed?
  • Run winning thinking formally or informally
  • Challenge perspectives check flexibility and agility of thinking
  • Identify and address mantra
  • Open new options and take NEW actions in these spaces
  • Free the time – what will you stop doing?

Get commercial front end processes right

  • Create commercial rules / template / sign off new contract
  • Ensure team are held accountable for behaviours
  • Operations – design – cost establish budget per project

Define structure – the vehicle

  • Put in reviews establish teams / objectives
  • Identify flawed behaviours, hold to account
  • Identify flawed values
  • Get recruitment right

The result?

This process has been proven using the winningthinking approach to liberate organisational speed of execution and create a double digit profit improvement. You cant achieve these results without the process.

As a VC said last week “winningthinking provides the opportunity to for leaders to take a different perspective and an succinct effective alternative to just firing the CEO”

Lose Wait?

If you would like to join us on this exciting journey just call.

Some businesses may need to lose weight, but every business needs to lose ‘WAIT’. Procrastination is a commercial disease that is threatening the health of our economy. With the speed at which the world is now changing, we all need to open our eyes to the bad habits we’ve fallen into and any bad decisions we’ve been making – and we need to do it today, before it’s too late!

Have a great day