Who disagrees that liberal’isms / political correctness creates a tyranny of tolerance? Forget the niceties of the business costs of liberalism, the implications on society have been so serious that it it reported has corrupted our police and other public services by covering up rape and other serious serious crime as well as causing the injustice of falsely imprisoning the messenger without charge or valid legal process. Tommy Robinson shows the courage and level of integrity that it takes to speak out against the root causes of issues and crime … This guy is going back on trial next Thursday having had his previous 3 month prison sentence quashed by a judge. Gillian Jones-Williams if you care about women what are you doing to stand up against liberalism and for freedom of speech? As Trump says “this is in the UK yes in the UK” 🙂 This is not www.winningthinking.uk https://lnkd.in/dVxmiAt